Stuff is waiting for you at PC Show 2014

Great deals await, but it’s also a rare chance to go eyes-on with Google Glass, see the Xbox One in action and say hi to the #StarWarsChick Dora
Stuff is waiting for you at PC Show 2014

Psst. We heard that you couldn’t get enough of the activities and cool tech we demonstrated at Sitex last year.

So we're back, bigger and better at the PC Show, starting this Thursday, 5 June at the Singapore Expo. You can't miss us, we're right at the front of Hall 6 - just look for the (fake) bricks! 

And because we’re super nice, we’ve upped the ante at PC Show 2014, ready to wow you with the best deals and even more gadgets for you to try. Okay, we hear you, you’ve already played with most of the gadgets. Wait till you hear what we have in store for you.

LG G3 and Xiaomi Redmi 1S in the house

Stuff is waiting for you at PC Show 2014
Stuff is waiting for you at PC Show 2014

Yes, you've read that right. We've got our grubby hands on two of the most hotly sought after smartphones that aren't available (yet) in Singapore. The LG G3, which will be available by the end of this month, is the successor to our Gadget of the Year in 2013. And because we're super nice, we've decided to bring it along and let you fiddle with it.

If you're familiar with Chinese company Xiaomi, you'll know that the Xiaomi Redmi 1S is an upgraded version of the earlier Redmi, which scored high marks for its Duracell bunny like battery life. Get a feel of Xiaomi's highly customisable MIUI at the #StuffUltimateTechLounge.

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Eyes-on with Google Glass

Stuff is waiting for you at PC Show 2014

No, this isn't how you use Google Glass, unless you want to be a Glasshole like this guy. The good news is, we have a unit of the US$1500 smart eyewear from Google from this Thursday. It’s so hot (literally), we can only do a 15 minute demo every hour.

Learn how you can use Google Glass to read your notifications, take photos and get directions. But you better be fast, because we anticipate a horde of eager gadget fans crowding near our entrance to get a glimpse of the (almost) unobtainable smart glass.

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But hey, if we didn’t manage to convince you to try Google Glass, we’ll leave it to the man Bobby Tonelli, he can be pretty persuasive.

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Game on with Xbox One

Stuff is waiting for you at PC Show 2014
Stuff is waiting for you at PC Show 2014

How about it? A chance to see and touch Microsoft’s next-gen console at PC Show before it’s available in September? We’re dying to show you what the Xbox One can do. It listens to you. It obeys your voice command. And yes, it works with our Singaporean accent. Fair warning: come early, there’ll definitely be a long, snaking queue of eager gaming fans for this.

But we know it's the games that really matters. We have two Xbox One consoles, one of which will be reserved just for you to ride in a mech and unleash pain upon your opponents in Titanfall. For the sporty group, you can try your hand at Kinect Sports Rival, Fifa 14 and NBA 2K14.

We're also hosting our Fifa 14 challenge over the four days. Our goal? To find 16 ultimate Fifa players, who'll be pitted against each other in our Fifa 14 challenge finals. So come on by, sign up and show us your l33t skills.

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Be our guest at the ultimate tech lounge

Stuff is waiting for you at PC Show 2014

Need to take a break from the hot and stuffy crowd? Hop on over to our main attraction. Sit back and relax on the Doob bean bags while you enjoy the cooling fresh air from the ninja-like Dyson fans.

If your hands are itching to try some tech toys, there's plenty to go around. But first, you'll have to spot the Stuff folks who're wearing the Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit.

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Stuff is waiting for you at PC Show 2014
Stuff is waiting for you at PC Show 2014
Stuff is waiting for you at PC Show 2014

An ultimate tech lounge isn't complete without the right ambience, namely music and lights. We've got the Sonos Play:1 and more of Sonos' wireless streaming systems to give your ears a good treat. No more of that clapping to activate or switch off your bulbs. Use your smartphone, download the MiPow Playbulb app, and control every single light in your living room.

On our desks, you'll spot three powerful gadgets to tinker with - the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, that pupil-searing MacBook Pro with Retina Display and lastly, the beastly Razer Blade Pro. If there's just too many people crowded at the Xbox One area, hang around at the lounge area and kill some time (and opponents) on the Razer Blade Pro.