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The public has voted, and this is the one blog that rules them all
Tech Blog of the Year 2014

Understanding the geek culture isn’t an easy task. But these guys nailed it perfectly.

This year, we have the usual suspects making your gadget life easy. So due appreciation should be shown to the folks who work tirelessly to create content that matters to you.

But whose words resonated with the readers, created the best relevant content, and had you coming back for more each day? The wait is over, here's who. 


Meet Darryl Kang. Social media expert by day, tech blogger for DKSG by night (and sometimes, during the day). Why’d we nominate him? Admittedly, we were a little bias because he loves Lego, like we do. But hey, that’s how geeks roll.

We truly believe is redefining technology with every blog post. The man said so himself. His infectious enthusiasm for gadgets and apps matches ours pretty much. Plus, the guy’s been pretty active on social media too - take a gander at his Instagram account.

Is it just us, or are there way too many geeky Justins around? The second Justin in our nomination is known for his enthusiasm, always eager to learn a new tech term or helping fellow geeks with their tech woes.

Used Wordpress? Surely you must have heard of this guy, who’s been creating mindblowing plugins for the content management system. Okay, that’s not the only reason why we’re nominating him. He’s so into tech, we’ve heard he has so many gadgets, even we will feel the jealousy.


We can identify with what Superadrianme has been doing - delivering tech content with a dash of lifestyle element. It’s hard not to be envious when you notice how much fun the Superadrianme folks have when they travel around the world and attend snazzy tech events.


The collective of experienced ex-journalists running the Techgoondu site is anything but goondu (translate: idiot). The site’s recent revamp has given it a new lease of life. But it’s the same old story - it’s where you’ll find intelligent content that sets you thinking.


You want the latest news? That’s what you’ll get from Techielobang. We’ve seen them in action during the HTC One (M8) launch event in New York, and they’re pretty spot-on with the coverage. The site has also been dishing out useful tech advice, which is a plus point in our books.

The TechBlogger

The inaugural winner for this category from last year’s Readers’ Choice Awards is back. But will its steady stream of tech-related news still be relevant to you? We’ll leave that in your capable hands when you scan through The TechBlogger’s news feed.