Stuff Singapore Readers' Choice - your votes made this the Gadget of the Year 2014

Which gadget won hearts, brought fanboys to their knees and reigned supreme in the Singapore Readers' Choice Awards? This one did
Gadget of the Year 2014

This might be the most important tech decision you make this year: which gadget blew your mind in 2014?

Was it the flexible Surface Pro 3? The all-seeing Sony A7s? Or would you like to pick a side in the never-ending console battle between Sony and Microsoft? The decision was too difficult for us to make on our own, so we asked and you answered. Bow down before the gadget to end all gadgets. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Gadget of the Year 2014: vote now!

Probably the most successful Microsoft product (besides the other contender in this category) in a long long time, the third iteration is just as great, if not better. The multi-faceted device performs as good as a laptop, yet retains the portability of a tablet. Comes with a stylus to take notes (or doodle) with, super sharp screen, and powerful processing capability, this is the only type of hybrid we’re rooting for.

Microsoft Xbox One

Gadget of the Year 2014: vote now to win big

It might not be the prettiest console in the world given its throwback VCR looks, but who cares when it games this good? Its controllers come with better ergonomics than before for gaming into the wee hours, and since the Kinect has been unbundled, it’s also cheaper. But the best thing about the Xbox One is the amazing lineup of games and that’s all the reason you need to get (Xbox) One.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Nobody does phablets like Samsung does. We mean it. Just look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. That dazzling 2K, comfortably-sized 5.7in screen is built just for your movie entertainment. S Pen? Much more powerful with new features such as Smart Select to capture what you see and send them over with a few simple taps.

Sony A7s

Gadget of the Year 2014: vote now to win big

This camera can probably see better in the dark than most cats. Thanks to its wide ISO range and a 12.2MP sensor, you’ll be able to capture shots in low light like never before. Wi-Fi and NFC-enabled, liveblog your candlelight dinner if you see fit. If you aren’t sold yet, here’s what’s going to do it for you - it records video in 4K too. So you might finally get some content for that 4K dust-collecting monster in the corner of your living room.

Sony PlayStation 4

Gadget of the Year 2014: vote now to win big

Crazy fast and a smooth operator to boot, the PlayStation 4 is a gaming addiction-enabler. Superb DualShock4 controllers and stunning 1080p gameplay have captivated fanboys all the world over. Plus, The Last Of Us makes for a compelling vote in its favour. Plus plus, games can be pre-ordered and downloaded, and made playable when the clock strikes the official launch time.