Stuff Singapore Readers' Choice Awards: Tech Brand of the Year 2016 finalists

Which tech brand created the most waves last year?

2016 was an eventful year for tech, and just like that, it sets up 2017 for even more.

It was mostly thanks to the tech companies listed below that got us talking, and as a result, put us in a better position to face 2017 tech-on. So which do you think deserves to be branded the Tech Brand of the Year?


Creating more originals than before and adding more subscribers were all just in a day’s work when it came to Netflix’s plan for global domination. The streaming giant grew from strength to strength with its fierce focus. As such, there’s no brand that’s quite like Netflix today.


Sony has been stellar on most fronts, from TVs to cameras to gaming. The PlayStation VR remains one of our favourite tech toys while the RX100 V continues that excellent imaging heritage it’s known for. It’s also responsible for the camera tech in most smartphones whether you’ve realised it or not.


Love it or hate it, Facebook is still the number one influence in most people’s lives. It’s responsible for giving us daily food photos and major current event updates. Don’t forget it also owns Instagram which has pretty much owned Snapchat with the advent of Instagram Stories, and also your favourite WhatsApp.


Despite the obvious hiccups along the way, Samsung never faltered. Don’t forget that the Korean company had a strong showing for 2016 with its tasty SUHD TVs and its flagship S7 and S7 Edge phones. Sometimes, it even shows how human a brand can be when it has the opportunity to rise from the ashes.


The Cupertino giant giveth and it taketh away. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus improved on what was already a great iPhone, while the new MacBook Pros and AirPods incited much conversation. Don’t forget, Apple also gave us a throwback in the form of the iPhone SE and made a stand on user privacy.

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