Stuff Singapore Readers' Choice Awards: Speaker of the Year 2016 finalists

Speak out and let your choice of best speaker be heard

Speakers have come a long way from being sold as a giant black box.

They now come in the coolest shapes and sizes, and are fitted with the latest tech in sound to reproduce great music just the way it was made. In fact, wireless speakers have become much more feasible now compared to when they were first introduced. It’s become way easier to listen to your favourite tracks just by streaming them from your smartphone or tablet.

Sound off on your favourite amongst these lauded speakers we’ve selected and let us know which of them really gets your bass thumping. 

B&O BeoSound 1

The Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 1 looks like it time-travelled from a science fiction movie. Its aluminium cylinder design houses both woofers and full range drivers to disperse sound in any direction. Most of the speaker control has to be done via the B&O app, and it can be linked to other B&O speakers you own. Plus, the BeoSound 1 is also portable, with an integrated battery said to last about 16 hours.

Naim Mu-So QB

The second speaker in Naim's Mu-So lineup is smaller and cube-like, stretching 8-inches in every direction. Despite its diminutive size, expect thumping bass and powerful sound thanks to its dedicated woofer and amp. The QB supports Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth and UPnP for wireless streaming. If you’re more into Tidal, then the Mu-So app has got you covered. The QB also comes in red, teal and orange fabric colours if you want something a little different than black.

Bose SoundTouch 300

Bose’s slick looking soundbar is gorgeous, made with a tempered black glass top plate and complemented by a wraparound aluminium grille. Sound quality is atmospheric and immersive, good for live sports and movies. Dialogue sounds crisp and clear, though the SoundTouch 300 doesn’t do deep bass. There’s a SoundTouch app for music streaming, but it’s easy enough to stream over Bluetooth, NFC or Spotify Connect.

UE Roll 2

The original UE Roll won plaudits for best Bluetooth speaker, and unsurprisingly the UE Roll 2 improves with louder sound and better range. Logitech says the Roll 2 pumps 15% more sound in its flying saucer-like body, and keeps your music playing up to 100 feet away. If you own the original Roll, you can download the UE app to pair both of them together to play the exact same audio, or have them each covering the left and right side.

Creative iRoar

Dropping the ‘Sound Blaster’ label, the Creative iRoar keeps the features that made it unique - playing music from SD cards, audio recording and the ability to double as a smartphone power bank. But the iRoar is much more powerful, with drivers horizontally spread out for zero vibrations even at high volumes. There’s also a connector to plug the iRoar into an iRoar Rock subwoofer base for extra heart-thumping sound portable speakers can’t provide.