Stuff Singapore Readers' Choice Awards: New App of the Year 2016 finalists

Which of these newcomers was the app-le of your eye?

A world without apps would not be a world worth living in.

Okay maybe that’s a little dramatic. But considering that they boost productivity, alleviate boredom and make your selfies look amazing — without apps, your smartphone wouldn’t be all that smart.

These are the new apps we found extremely app-etizing in 2016, but which one comes out tops?

Pokémon GO

This phenomenal augmented reality heavyweight took all our expectations of what a gaming app should be and blew them out the stratosphere. That period between July and September where you literally couldn’t go 5 minutes without hearing the word Pokémon, is testament to how obsessed everyone was.


Just as we were getting bored of standard issue photo editing apps, Prisma comes along to shake things up. Instead of just overlaying a filter onto your snapshot, it uses next-gen algorithms to reinterpret your otherwise boring selfie into a bonafide work of art. Thumbs up for turning that photo of your dog into a Van Gogh painting.


Remember the days when all we could watch was local programming? Yeah we don’t either (thank you Piratebay!). But still, having Netflix finally land on our shores was an epic win for couch potatoes everywhere. Finally we had (legal) access to critically-acclaimed shows and could stream it all on glorious 4K with just the tap of a button.


One of our favourite ride-hailing apps levelled up in 2016 and started bringing us food, which displayed a deep and meaningful understanding of what truly motivates us. Easy to use with a great interface and catalogue of restaurants that’s steadily expanding, UberEats has made a lot of lazy people very happy.

Super Mario Run

When the original running man finally made his mobile debut, you couldn’t have expected anything less than a furore. With its gorgeous graphics and immersive gameplay, this app really did the Super Mario franchise justice, all whilst giving our thumbs a thorough workout and keeping our eyes and hearts glued firmly to the screen.

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