Stuff Singapore Readers' Choice Awards 2015 - meet the Speaker of the Year finalists

For the hours of audio pleasure they've delivered, these speakers deserve your vote

The sound of music, delivered from amazing speakers, is a must-have in any audio setup.

Hence, it makes sense to give these speakers the due recognition they deserve. For the times when they belt out your favourite songs to the moments when it created the perfect setting for your date night.

Cast your votes, let your voice be heard and declare to us which will be the Speaker of the Year 2015.

Archt One Wireless Audio System

You might have seen it on Kickstarter, but bet you didn’t know this brilliant 360-degree surround speaker was developed right here in Singapore.

B&O Beoplay A2

There’s no denying how beautifully designed the Beoplay A2 is, and we can personally attest that it’s got sound to match.

Razer Leviathan

At just S$330, you can’t beat the Razer Leviathan on value. A soundbar purpose-built for your gaming needs, it can even double as a Bluetooth wireless speaker.

Samsung R7

Want to completely fill a room with excellent top-quality sound? You’ll want one of these, All you have to do is put it in the centre of the room and hit play.