Stuff Singapore Readers’ Choice Awards 2015 - meet the Internet Service Provider of the Year finalists

They bring the internet to you, now it’s time to repay the favour

To you, the internet is everything. So these internet service providers mean the world to you.

Whether it's a mobile or fibre broadband that's provided by the telcos or ISPs, these brands have done a lot for you, allowing you to stream movies from YouTube, see some eye candy on Instagram or post your daily shenanigans on Facebook.

Today, you have the power to vote for your favourite ISP and let the world know they deserve a pat on the back.


Of the three big telcos, M1 has always been a step ahead in creating wallet-friendly price plans for the masses. This year, its report card includes amazing prices for its 1GB fibre broadband plans. This, on top of new add-ons for its mobile services such as Data Passport which lets you use your unused local data while you’re overseas and an affordable SIM-only plan.


This boutique internet service provider is one of the two that has triggered the fibre broadband price wars. On top of that, MyRepublic is now aiming to be the fourth telco in Singapore, revive unlimited data for mobile plans and shake up the industry.


There’s a thin, fine line between love and hate for Singtel users. But the oldest telco in Singapore has been on top of the game, introducing customisable mobile plans so you won’t be stuck with unused SMS or talktime quota. It has also made strides with mobile payment platforms such as Dash, thus keeping it in the running for this year.


While the green camp has been relatively quiet, it’s not without some big offerings. StarHub has bundled its fibre broadband plans with its mobile offerings, allowing its customers to enjoy the best of both worlds - high speed mobile and fibre broadband. Then, there’s the National Day tribute, Home by Homes, that’ll melt your heart.


The second of the boutique internet service providers, ViewQwest is well known not just as the first ISP to launch a 2Gbps high-speed fibre broadband. It’s also the ISP of choice if you’re thinking of accessing content such as Netflix with its Freedom VPN service. Which, by the way, is now integrated into its media streaming boxes that support 4K resolution too.