Stuff Singapore and Power 98 FM geek out over the 100 Best Gadgets Ever - live on air!

Our magazine editor Melvin Tang joins Mister Young and Jacqui Thibodeaux from The Ex-Factor on a trip down tech memory lane

You know what’s so cool about our job? It’s the chance to live an incredibly fulfilling gadget life.

So cool, that our magazine editor Melvin Tang was invited for a chat with Power 98 FM’s wonderful DJs Mister Young and Jacqui Thibodeaux to reminisce the best 100 gadgets from the late 19th century to ten years into our future.

Of course, you won’t hear them talk through all 100 gadgets. That'll take at least five hours. Instead, listen to the snippets and hear fellow geeks gush over their favourite gadgets through the last 120 years.

Where it all began

There's a 99% probability that you have the first gadget in our list - the Swiss Army Knife. It was and still is the ultimate gadget. True story. How can you live without the one item that does so many other things. Then, there's old-school gaming such as Nintendo’s very first console, the NES, and the portable Game Boy. Getting nostalgic? You’ll want to hear more.

The 90s is the best decade

Man, the Japanese sure can make powerful and tiny gadgets. By now, you might be wondering if we’ve owned more than half of the gadgets mentioned, such as the souped-up (at that time) Super NES by Nintendo. Or the one that started it all - Sony’s Walkman.

Oh, don’t worry, we’re getting to the bit about smartphones. But first, ask yourself if you’ve ever owned the Motorola StarTAC? Star… what? Listen and you’ll understand.

The 21st Century

Oh wait, we forgot to ask if you’ve had the indestructible Nokia 3210. We can’t say the same for the power hungry and fragile smartphones of today.

But life goes on, and next comes the age of smartphones, starting with Apple’s very first iPhone. You might not have it, but we’re quite sure you’ve fiddled with at least one of its successor.