Stuff Recommends: 3 must-buy items from EpiLife's IT Show sale

Good news: if you can't brave Marina Bay Sands this weekend, these exclusive digital-only discounts are a real good shout
Stuff Recommends: 3 must-buy items from EpiLife during IT Show 2014

People, we have an alternative to the IT Show 2014 squeeze: pick up that mouse, go to the IT Show 2014 special on the EpiLife website and shop online. That’s right - avoid the crazy crowd and have these slices of gadget greatness delivered straight to your door. We’ll make it easy: here are the three deals even we are considering:

For smartphone abusers

Moigus Moijuice 8100mAh Power Bank

We’ve been there before - a dead smartphone, right before you send that urgent e-mail. It’s perfectly normal to get a power bank. But if you’re getting a portable battery pack, might as well get one that doesn’t just add juice to the phone.

Meet the Moigus Moijuice 8100mAh power bank. It charges your phone. It has two ports to charge your iPad and iPhone simulatenously. If you’re using an Android phone, plug it in, along with a USB thumb drive, and transfer files. True story - not for iOS though.

IT Show special price: S$69 (usual price: S$89), available from EpiLife

For mobile party peeps

Braven BRV1 Portable Wireless Speaker Charger

We admit, we’re guilty of bringing wireless speakers to beach parties and it went nuts on us after it had a few drinks. The solution? Getting the Braven BRV1 portable wireless speaker charger, a waterproof and hardy wireless speaker that won’t get destroyed so easily.

Its 1400mAh battery powers the speakers for up to 12 hours of wireless music streaming. Don’t forget to bring your charging cable, this speaker also doubles up as a battery pack to keep your smartphone or tablet juiced up.

IT Show special price: S$128 (usual price S$198), available from EpiLife.

For dirty ear-bud gym cats

Jaybird Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones

If your gym buds are far dirtier than they should be, go on-ear and wireless. With the Jaybird Sportsband Bluetooth headphones there’s no tangled mess to fumble with during your workout sesh.

Still not convinced? How about on-ear controls that let you tweak the volume and playback with a few simple swipes? 

IT Show special price: S$109 (usual price S$199), available from EpiLife.