Stuff Picks: Xiaomi Mi Note 2 boasts flagship specs at a reasonable price

Put this up against its flagship counterparts and you’ll realise it’s quite the package.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 (S$799)

Looking for a new phone but not looking to break the bank? Look no further. Value for money doesn’t come more satisfying than this; for S$799, the Mi Note 2 is matching – or even outdoing – the specs found in flagship phones twice the price.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 beyond your budget? The new Mi Note 2 has sleek two-sided dual 3D curved glass à la Samsung. The Mi Note 2 also rocks a huge 6GB RAM, 22.56MP camera with 4K video recording and a high-capacity 4070mAh battery which will definitely last you through the day. Put this up against its flagship counterparts and you’ll realise it’s quite the package.

You can pick one of these up at the Mi Home in Suntec City. Xiaomi are also huge on e-commerce, so check out their official store on Lazada for some big deals. Also on sale are the Redmi 4X (S$219) and the updated and feature-packed Redmi Note 4 (S$309).

Logitech Z337 Bold Sound (S$129)

“Wait, haven’t I seen this in challenger before?”Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you; this is the latest drop from Logitech and it's a big step ahead from its predecessor. Connectivity is the name of the game with the Z337 Bold Sound. Switch between multiple devices, by pausing and playing on another device – it’s that simple. Now there’s no need for hassle when you switch between your consoles, computers and mobile devices.  

What we really love is the simplicity of its no-nonsense build. Clean, matte black and understated; you know this machine is committed to a single task, being an absolute bass beast. Just look at the size of those subwoofers and you know this thing means business. Boasting 80 watts peak power, the Z337 with its chunky twin-satellite speakers and big bad subwoofer will immerse you in any game or film you put it to the challenge.

The Logitech Z337 Bold Sound is available now at all authorized Logitech resellers.