Stuff Picks: what you need to buy at Comex 2015

Take our recommendations and save yourself the trouble of looking through the brochures

Samsung Curved Monitor SD590C (27in)

Comex 2015 price: S$468 (usual price: S$548)

Before you go ballistic on us and ask why the heck would you need a curved monitor, hear us out. Unlike your old-school flat monitors, the curved screen is less straining on the eye. Okay, even if you don’t buy that, its full HD resolution, deep blacks, rich colours and that 350cd/m2 typical brightness will get your heart racing for this.

Get it at level 4, Booth 8315, Hall 405/406

Viewqwest TV 4K

Comex 2015 price: S$249 (usual price: S$299)

You’re missing out on a lot of awesome movies on Netflix, just because you don’t have a VPN service integrated with your media streamer. Cue Viewqwest to the rescue, because it’s launching the first media streamer that works with any connection to access Netflix, which is also capable of 4K support.

The bundled value for the Viewqwest TV 4K media streamer is quite high, given that it’s S$50 off the usual price and you get a year’s worth of Viewqwest Freedom VPN (S$10.70 per month) for free with this media box.

Get it at level 4, Booth 8313, Hall 405/406

Aftershock SM-15

Comex 2015 price: S$1720 (usual price: S$1834)

A quick shout-out to homegrown brand Aftershock PC, for it’s going to launch their new range of laptops powered by Intel’s latest 6th generation Core i7 processors. One particular laptop that you should be eyeing is the Aftershock SM-15, a raging beast that also comes with a 15.6in full HD display, 8GB RAM and a 1TB HDD. Oh, and Windows 10 too, something that might not be immediately available on the big PC makers until much later.

Get it at level 6, Booth 6612, Hall 603/604

Klipsch SG50 R6i earphones

Comex 2015 price: S$179 (usual price: S$199)

Apparently, SG50 is still in full swing, because Klipsch is launching a special version of its R6i earphones. Everything stays the same for the SG50 version, including the three-button remote and mic to control music playback and phone calls. And that comfortable oval ear tips that fits naturally in your ear canal, which also doubles up as an efficient noise isolation system. Low distortion and a wide dynamic audio experience is delivered through the 6.5mm dual magnet micro-speakers, so you can bob your head to your favourite tracks on Spotify.

Get it at level 4, Booth 8328, Hall 403/404