Stuff Picks: Red Oppo just in time for National Day

And a robot window cleaner to save you from climbing out of your flat's window dangerously

Limited Edition Red R11 (S$699)

So you loved the Red iPhone. Its bright vivid colour that comes with a "pop" that's sure to get eyeballs on your daily commute. You love the design of it too and absolutely love taking pictures on the go. 

But there's just one problem - you're on Team Android.

While you may love the colour and exterior of the Red iPhone, you need more control over your phone that the opposing team just has. Good thing you don't need to compromise on either for too long.

Oppo will be launching a limited edition Red R11 soon here in Singapore. It comes with all the same specs as the other colours, especially those glorious wide-angle 16MP and 20MP telephoto rear cameras. But unlike Apple's purpose to raise awareness for HIV and AIDS, Oppo will be launching their red phone with French cosmetic brand MAKE UP FOR EVER.

Customers will also receive a limited edition custom engraved red lipstick by the cult beauty label with successful purchases of the Red R11 camera phone.

So if you are looking for a Red Phone to show off that attidude and perhaps want to give an engraved lipstick to your significant other, pre-orders for the Limited Edition Red Oppo R11 start today.

More information on Oppo and its series of phone here.


If you have ever tried cleaning your windows, you'd know the dangers that come with it especially if you live in a high level HDB just to get that spot cleaned. Thankfully, ECOVACS arrival to Sunny Singapore has brought with them the WINBOT 950.

With it a push of a button, the WINBOT 950 will clean both the inside and outside of your windows.

And don't worry if you think it'll drop, it uses a suction fan to stick to the glass surface. 

You're safe, your windows clean and you'll impress your neighbours. And if you want a robot to clean your floors too, ECOVACS' Deebot series will leave your house looking spotless.

You can find more information on ECOVACS devices here.