Stuff Picks: Odlo’s Ceramicool is the world’s first material that reduces your skin temperature

Also, speakers from Bang & Olufsen that can make your walls talk

Ceramicool by Odlo (from S$59 for tops and S$39 for bottoms)

If you have ever been serious about your fitness regime, you’ll realize that what you wear can affect your performance to some extent. Intense workouts with your beloved cotton Coldplay tee will leave you so soaked and uncomfortable that not even Chris Martin can fix you.

And while microfiber tops evaporate sweat quickly, they do very little in the cooling department which still leaves you in a humid mess that may thwart you from pushing that last rep.

Which is why Swiss sports brand, Odlo, has just released the world’s first textile technology that cools your skin temperature by up to a solid 1°C. This is made possible by ceramic particles in the yarn have the ability to release warmth quickly.

The low bulk yarn feels lightweight and breathable thanks to its ventilation.

In addition, it looks freaking good.

Ceramicool by Odlo is available now at the TripleFit outlet (#02-63, Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard).

Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse (from S$109)

If you are serious about getting into competitive gaming and winning that million-dollar prize money, you need a mouse that can take you can you there. Lo and behold, Logitech’s G Pro Gaming Mouse.

With zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration across the entire DPI range (200-12,000DPI), it provides exceptional tracking accuracy and consistent responsiveness at any speed that almost guarantees your first-blood kill.

And if you are in the in competition season, you will probably be training up to 10 hours a day. You don’t want to be holding a block or an oddly-shaped mouse if you are playing for that long which is why the G Pro being a simple yet ergonomically designed that fits both left and right handed gamers.

Plus, the crisp sound of a click is so satisfying you’ll find yourself selecting random things just hear it. But don't worry, it can handle more than 20 million clicks.

The Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse is available now at your nearest retail store.