Stuff Picks: Gift ideas your old man would love

Dads love bragging about their tech - here's a list to keep him going all year long

ECOVACS DEEBOT M88 Vacuum Cleaning Robot (S$599)

There’s no better way to thank your old man than to relieve him of his household chores once and for all. Presenting the very intelligent Ecovacs Deebot M88, the vacuum cleaning robot that’s going to be his new best friend.

This cute little thing can probably clean a room better than he ever could, and much faster. Sync it up with the app on your smartphone and select the cleaning mode to get the job done. It features side brushes and a main brush which collect dirt around and beneath it towards a suction inlet at the centre of the device. It also mops and dries at the same time, so the DM88 can settle all the chores at once without you having to get your hands dirty.

It comes with its own survival mechanisms too to make BB-8 look clumsy. With its own sensors and bumpers, you won’t need to worry about it knocking into things or falling down steps.

Get your ECOVACS DM88 from 12 – 30 June and get a free Bluetooth speaker worth S$39.90, by simply showing your receipt upon redemption at Ban Leong Service Centre (Singapore 408825). Since your Dad won’t know it’s a freebie, so you can even tell him you bought him two gifts. Extra points. 

Phillips Lighting (from S$8.90)

Brighten up Father’s Day with one of these brilliant bundles from Phillips Lighting, perfect to set the mood as and when he needs.

Phillips offers simple two-tone bulbs like the SceneSwitch, which allows you to change the lightings of a room from warm to cool with the flick of a switch. It operates on a “plug and play” system, so simply pop it in and give him a pleasant surprise! Phillips Hue Lightstrip Plus is another great alternative that allows you to cut and stick strips of lights anywhere. Paste it behind your dad’s workstation to give it brilliant colours to perk him up.

The rest of the Phillips Hue kit packs even more tech into these bulbs. These are web-enabled home-LED lights that allow you to control lights remotely, and schedule when you want scenes to change and moods to be created.

A good way to start would be picking up the Phillips Hue Starter Kit (S$289), which gives you more “plug and play” bulbs that can be swapped out easily, and controlled using your phone. Alternatively, the man with simple taste may like the White Ambience Starter Kit (S$199) – bulbs that contain 50,000 different shades of white to deliver natural light across all seasons.

Pick yours up on Lazada and selected electronic stores like and Apple. Find out the combination that suits you best here