Stuff Picks: the gadgets to get on 13/09

We round up the gadgets we think are the it-gadgets of this week

Pro-sport AS-5i (S$199)

These headphones are for the fitness enthusiasts. The Pro-sport AS-5i headphones offer a secure, customisable fit which gently wraps around the ear without pinching. The flex-wire design allows its users to position the headphones however they feel is comfortable. Oval ear tips make sure that the headphones fit snugly in the ear canal without falling out. Durability’s the name of the game with its Kevlar-armoured cables which is also moisture-resistant.

Seagate Backup Plus (S$299)

2.5 inches thin and 20.5mm high, the BackupPlus includes 200GB of OneDrive cloud storage, Lyve’s photo and video management app and 4TB of storage. Value for money and portability in one. Add to that the high-speed USB3.0 connectivity which doesn’t need an external power supply.

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard (S$54)

This keyboard easily connects to any Bluetooth wireless device, can be used anywhere you like because of its lightweight design and has dedicated buttons (Easy-Switch™) to make it easy for you to connect to up to three devices and switch between them. Best yet, the AAA battery powered keyboard can stay juiced for up to two years.

HTC One E9+ Dual SIM (S$698)

With a 5.5in Quad HD 2K display, this is a phone to gawk at. Equipped with a 20MP camera, it records videos 4K resolution and its front-facing camera has the wide-angled HTC UltraPixel which captures three times more light, making brighter pictures especially in low light. The HTC One E9+ dual sim comes with 3GB of RAM, 32BG of storage and an expandable memory of up to 2TB microSDXC.

Beyerdynamic T1 (S$1799)

With improved tuning in its Tesla driver, disruptive resonances in the high frequency range has been eliminated. The change of the single-layer baffle material minimises vibrations of the material and delivers even clearer sound reproduction. The fabric sheathed and threaded jack plug has conductors made from OCC copper. An optional cable with 4-pin XLR connector can be connected to the headphones which enables the user to use it with professional equipment.