Stuff Picks: the gadgets to get on 11/10

We round up the gadgets we think are the It-gadgets of this week

UE Boom 2 (S$319)

Equipped with 360-degree sound, it’s made to be loud. How loud? 25 per cent louder compared to the Ultimate Ears (2013). Control the volume from 100 feet away without missing a beat and since it’s the size of a water bottle, clip it to your bag and bring the party sounds with you. Downloading the UE Boom 2 app (free on iOS or Android) will enable you to double the sound by pairing the UE Boom 2 with another Ultimate Ears speaker. Other than that, you can turn the speaker on remotely with your phone and also wake up to your favourite music. The UE Boom 2 is available in Cherrybomb (Red), Phantom (Black), GreenMachine (Green), Tropical (Purple) and BrainFreeze (Blue).

Sony NW-ZX100 Walkman (S$699)

Nothing screams nostalgia like the iconic Sony Walkman from the 90s. Sony’s been busy and the Walkman isn’t the cassette player it used to be. Using DSEE HX technology, the NW-ZX100 aims to bring music as the artist intended, beyond CD quality to our ears. The Walkman comes equipped with High-Resolution Audio with noise cancelling function. Its 45 hour battery life and large 128GB internal memory keeps you plugged in to quality tunes for a long time. A microSD card slot is also available for expansion of the Walkman’s memory with additional support for micro SDXC cards larger than 64 GB.

Sony XBA-300AP In-Ear Headphones (S$399)

These compact in-ear headphones provide a comfortable fit and also a clear hearing experience. Made with a double layered housing, the XBA-300AP’s outer housing is made with different materials ensures high-speed sound with clearer sound in the mid-high range by halting needless vibration within its housing. With its noise-blocking design, it decreases ambient noise along with sound leakage, offering you great sound quality.

Bose SoundTouch 10 (S$399)

This compact speaker measures 21.18cm H x 14.12cm W x 8.71cm D and combines Bose’s digital signal processing with the Unidome transducer. The result is that the SoundTouch 10 plays cleaner, deeper and louder than other speakers its size. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it is able to communicate with other SoundTouch devices through walls and ceilings. SoundTouch devices can connect directly to your phone and/or tablet via Bluetooth and has Spotify and Deezer built in. The SoundTouch app will turn your phone and/or tablet into a remote that allows you to listen to different types of music in different rooms.

Acer Predator X34 Series (S$1699)

This ultra-high QHD (3440x1440), with its 34 inch curved zero frame design enables gamers to see more and immerse themselves in the game. Nvidia G-Sync technology eliminates tearing, stuttering and ensures smooth gameplay at most game rates. Two 7W speakers with DTS Sound add amazing audio to accompany the smooth as butter gameplay. The Predator is equipped with Acer’s EyeProtect technology that aims to reduce eye strain and optimise comfort. With flicker-less technology, blue light filter, ability to dim to 15 per cent brightness in low light environments and ComfyView technology (less reflections from external light source), the Predator ensures a comfortable gaming experience.