Stuff Picks: Beautiful earphones that blocks noise when you want it to

Calling gamers, audiophiles and professionals - plenty of exciting tech for you this week

Beoplay E4 (S$379)

If you’re looking for quality earphones that look and sound premium, this may be it. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that looks more beautiful than B&O’s new Beoplay E4.

It packs in a pair of microphone hybrid active noise cancelling technology into these small earphones – that’s the kind of stuff you get in flagship headphones from B&O. This bad boy isn’t messing around - it collects incoming noise and music from the earphones, then separates them to block out unwanted noise from your environment (B&O even suggested airplane noise).

With good noise cancelling earphones, we often find ourselves having to plug out to listen to someone, or if something catches our attention. Transparency mode on the Beoplay E4 has got this sorted out. With a single gesture, the ANC and music will be cut off, so you can listen to your surroundings as if you weren’t plugged in.

It also comes with Comply Memory Foam Ear Tips, so you don’t need to painstakingly search for a pair that fits. Get yours now at Bang & Olufsen Grand Hyatt and Takashimaya stores. 

Klipsch and Capitol Records Heritage Wireless products (from S$499)

It’s a year of milestones for Klipsch and Capitol Records as they celebrate their 70th and 75th anniversaries, respectively. And what better way to do so than to buddy up to release two awesome speakers – the Capitol One and Capitol Three.  

Both look classy and vintage, with a wooden finish that pays homage to the heritage of the brands.

The One (S$499) is a semi-portable tabletop speaker, with Bluetooth connectivity and analog audio input options. It’s the smaller one of the two, but still doesn’t disappoint in the sound department and earns its high price, designed for acoustic performance and solid bass.

The Three (S$799) comes at a steep price, but packs so much tech that it’s impossible for it to sound shabby. It’s premium and deservedly so. It also features the Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room Audio system (featuring DTS Play-Fi technology), so it can receive audio from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, analog, phono pre-amp and USB. You can also access the Klipsch Stream app to control the system’s operations from your phones to use various music services like Spotify, internet and other libraries. With so many options and good looks, it’s an audiophile’s dream.