Stuff Picks 12/07/15

Because there's always something to buy every week

Our regular roundup of the products worth buying. 

Logitech G29 Driving Force

Price: S$599

Available from: 20 July 2015 at all leading retailers

Somehow, we don’t think the traffic policeman is going to buy  “I’m sorry, officer, I thought I was in a racing game” as an excuse, no matter how confused you are by the incredible realism of the Logitech G29. One of the most complete steering wheel and pedal controller sets around, the G29 is equipped with dual-motor force feedback for increased responsiveness and sensitivity, and even comes with a pressure-sensitive brake pedal and dedicated clutch for true simulation supremacy.


ZoomAir 2

Price: S$1099

Available from:

Rush hour will be nothing more than a movie starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker to you, as long as you’ve got a ZoomAir 2 taking care of your daily commute. Compact, portable, and lightweight, this 10.7kg electric scooter folds in just 3 seconds and can go up to 26km/h for around an hour on a 2-hour charge, making it a breeze to zip effortlessly to and from work. It’s even got an F1-esque Kinetic Energy Recovery System on its front electromagnetic and rear manual/electric hybrid brake to recharge your battery while stopping.

Alcatel Onetouch Watch

Price: S$248

Available from: Qoo10, Lazada, Rakuten, Cocomi, Groupon, and selected retailers.

Yes, it’s yet another smartwatch. However, this one’s no dud, and won’t require you to break the bank, costing just S$248 for its slim, stylish, iF Design Award-winning good looks either. Compatible with both iOS and Android phones, it was even a Top Pick at CES Editors Choice 2015, thanks to its wealth of apps and intuitive smartphone integration.

HP Pavilion x2

Price: S$549

Available from: all leading retailers

There’s a saying that says you can’t have the best of both worlds, but that person obviously never had a convertible laptop. Especially since the idiom has been around for decades, before there were even computers. One perfect example is the flexible 1.2kg HP Pavilion x2 with a 10in display, packing all the advantages of a tablet and the productivity and versatility of a laptop, all thanks to a keyboard attachment. What’s more, it’s got dual front facing speakers with B&O Play, and other goodies such as a year of free Microsoft Office 365 Personal and 1TB of OneDrive Storage. The quad-core Intel Atom-equipped convertible is also one of the first few devices to feature a USB Type-C connector.