Stuff Asks: Evolve MMA fighter Eddie Ng is always game

Don’t mess with this tough guy, he’s as good at button mashing as he is with his fists
Stuff Asks: Evolve MMA fighter Eddie Ng is always game for a fight

Throw all your preconceived opinions about gamers being slobs out the window.

Mixed martial artist Eddie Ng is living proof that you can throw a mean roundhouse both in the ring and on a console.

Stuff Asks the lightweight fighter about martial arts, keeping fit, and the games that keep him occupied.

Isn’t martial arts just about kicks and punches?

“Martial arts changed my life, it gave me self-confidence and a career. When I was growing up in the UK, I experienced bullying and it affected my confidence. I am a huge fan of the late Bruce Lee and started learning martial arts through self-teaching videos. Besides coaching adult students,  I’m also involved with Evolve MMA’s Little Samurai program, which lets me teach martial arts to kids between the ages of 4 to 7. It’s valuable to me because I believe martial arts can teach good life lessons to kids at that age.”

What gadgets do you use to supplement your training?

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

“I use a Polar heart rate monitor. The whole idea is to see results and progression so that you know you're getting better. During the workout, it lets you see just how hard you're working. Without the monitor, you might think you’re working hard, but you’re not. To increase your threshold, you need something to gauge your limits. It also lets you see how much faster you're recovering from the workout.”

Just talking about all this training is making us tired

Sleep Cycle app

“The quality of sleep is very important. If you’re in a deep sleep, the quality is going to be much better, and you’ll get the most benefits in terms of recovery. Observing your sleep pattern is part of the training. Some days you could be good, but on the days you aren't, you have to pinpoint what the problem is. it could also be due to your diet. When you train twice a day for about two hours a time, it takes a toll on your body, and it needs to recover. If my sleep is consistently bad, then I’ll have to look at why it’s happening and make sure I recover quickly.”

What's the one gadget you can’t live without? Phones don't count

Eddie Ng's Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

“My Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. The reason I prefer an Android tablet is because I can transfer files easily, and it’s so much more customisable. I use the tablet mostly for reading, it’s easier to read on a tablet rather than a Macbook screen. But when it comes to serious work, like writing a long e-mail, I’ll do it on a Macbook.”

We know you’ve been waiting for this - tell us your favourite game

The Last of Us Left Behind
Final Fantasy XV

“The last game I played was Beyond: Two Souls and I’m looking forward to The Last of Us DLC. I haven’t downloaded that yet, and I heard it’s really good. I love and hate the game because it spoiled other games for me by setting the bar too high. I suppose you could blame Naughty Dog for that.

I’ve been looking forward to Final Fantasy XV for a long time, though I hate calling it that. I prefer to call it Versus XIII. I’m hoping it won’t be a disappointment because it took so long to develop. It was supposed to come out on the PS3 but… *shrug* I would buy a PS4 solely for that.”

Wait, is that a Sony Xperia Play in your bag?

Eddie Ng's Sony Xperia Play

“Yes, but my battery’s dying. I play a lot of old games on it, the last one I finished was Cyborg Justice. It was one of my favourite games growing up. You could customise your robots on the fly, pull the arm off one of the robots, put it on yourself and you’ll have a new weapon.”

How do you find the time to game and train?

It’s very easy to get sucked into games. I don’t play if I have training on that day or the next. I train Monday to Friday, two times a day, so I refuse to play on weekdays. I justify that if I play these games, I’m not going to sleep, I’m not going to recover from that day, and my training is going to suffer. My martial arts and training come first, it’s not just a job, it’s what I love doing.”

Great, thanks for making us feel like lazy bums

“On Saturday, I’ll go crazy and eat pizza or McDonald’s. Everything else can vary, but I always have kaya toast on Saturday and play games at the same time. It’s a weekly reward, that’s how I justify it.”