Smartphone Photography Awards 2015: Living category winner shares a lively story

Observe and listen to get the inspiration for amazing photos, says living category winner Samuel Goh

Depicting a daily routine is all about being natural. That's the underlying message in this winning photo for the Stuff Smartphone Photography Awards 2015, Living category.

Samuel Goh, who took this shot while he was on the bus back home, noticed how the falling rain on the windscreen created an amazing illusion. Attracted by the unusual lighting condition, subject and location, Goh took the shot with whatever he had at hand, that being his smartphone. "Smartphones are a partner to most people now, you might not have a proper camera on hand anytime, but you won't leave home without a smartphone," said Goh.

Though the awards was centred around smartphones, Goh believed that his winning image goes beyond the confines of smartphone photography. "The judges and voters selected the photo because they received the message and felt the mood from the photo," he adds with pride.

He highlights that the advantage of smartphone photography is the instantaneous effect one gets, and being able to present the realistic mood with minimal manipulation to the image. That said, like all the winners, Goh says that the hardware is only one part of the equation.

To end off, Goh reminds other photographers: "Every second, things change and move around us. Even when you're on your daily routine, there's always something beautiful for you to snap."