Smartphone Photography Awards 2015: Food category winner spills the beans

Food photography maestro Lukas Lee reveals the secret behind this simple yet powerful shot

After nearly two months of submission, shortlisting, judging and voting, the winners of the Stuff Smartphone Photography Awards have been revealed.

In the Food category, Lukas Lee's photo was one of the most popular shots in the voting phase, and our judges concurred with our readers too.

We spoke to Lee, who shares his thoughts on the basics of food photography. His reason for taking the winning shot is simple, sweet (figuratively and literally) and straightforward. "I was in Paris and my niece messaged me to buy her macarons. She was delighted with the pretty macarons and so I took a pic of it," he said.

Taking the shot is a combination of the perfect lighting, subject and location, added Lee. A smartphone, he mentions, is all you need to take a good photo. "Yes, and the ease of transferring them to apps for editing makes it sweeter. One disadvantage is that the printed copies will not be as fine," he admits.

Lee, however, thinks the winning shot isn't just solely his effort. "It's also the support from my family and friends. They worked very hard voting for me daily," he said. Strangely, Lee thinks this wasn't his best work, but he figures the readers and judges can't be wrong.

That said, Lee thinks this isn't just a conventional food photo. "If you noticed, I have different colours and I have different shapes in the picture (circle, rectangle, triangles) and I also have scissor (the crossed legs), paper (palm) and stone (macaron). I guess it makes it different from others. And of course the smartphone helps," he quips.

One final word of advice from Lee to take better food photos? "Just keep taking pictures," he said.