Singtel vs M1 vs StarHub: which telco's iPhone 7 contract plan is the best deal?

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus price contract plans for Singtel, M1 and StarHub are now out

With the launch of the ever popular yet expensive iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, let's take a look at which plans give you the best deals after signing up with your respective telcos.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 128GB models are probably going to be what most consumers will be aiming to get, considering that the 32GB variant is too small to store your 4K videos and your 256GB being quite a bit more expensive and the extra storage being quite redundant. Hence, this analysis will be based on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus 128GB prices. 

Mid-Tier Plans (iPhone 7 128GB)

If you are a casual user, chances are, you will be subscribing to your telco’s mid-tier plans between $60-$80+. This gives you about 4GB of data, 300-400 minutes of talk-time and 1200-1300 SMS-es.

The total cost of your iPhone and 24-month of subscription fees will be the cheapest for M1 at S$2018.00, but for a little more at S$2042.60, you get 50 minutes of extra talk-time per month for 24 months if you sign up with Starhub 4G 4. These extra 50 minutes are worth an extra $8.05 a month, and over 24-month, it rakes up to $193, which makes the Starhub 4G 4 the best plan, unless you need even more talktime and SMS-es with Singtel’s Combo 4 priced at $2377.60.

High-End Plans (iPhone 7 128GB)

If you need 12-13GB of data and you are frequently on the phone, maybe you need unlimited SMS-es and talktime. In that case, you will require the high-end plan for the iPhone 7.

In this case, your cheapest option will be the M1 Max + at S$5507.00 followed by your StarHub 4G 12 at S$5507.00 and the most expensive Singtel Combo 12 at S$5757.60 which offers no additional perks over the cheaper plans, making it the worst telco for this tier. In any class, the M1 Max + is your best bet.

Mid-Tier Plans (iPhone 7 Plus 128GB)

For the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB, the best plan price wise is the S$2198.00 M1 Reg, but if you want more talktime, as per usual, go for the $2224.60 StarHub 4G 4. Singtel Combo 4 is a tad more expensive at S$2507.60, but if you are certain you will use the extra 100 SMS and 100 minutes of talk-time, then go ahead.

High End Plans (iPhone 7 Plus 128GB)

The iPhone 7 Plus 128GB works well with the StarHub 4G 12 which has the best price at $5331.00, but the M1 Max + at S$5472.00, gives you an extra 1GB of data. The Singtel Combo 12 on the other hand at S$5757.60 doesn’t seem like a good way to go.

Singtel doesn’t seem to give a good deal for most of the iPhone plans, but the StarHub and M1 plans seem to be better, with M1 giving you the more affordable plans.