Singtel vs M1 vs StarHub - which telco gives you the best data add-on?

Read here for the answer to who's offering the most data for the least amount of money

We won't waste your time because we know you only want to know the answer to this question: which telco offers the best data add-on option?

To make it easier for you, scroll down now and see who's the clear winner across the board.

Signing up by 31 March does make a difference. For one, StarHub is a clear winner in the lower-end plans during this period. But from 1 April, M1's offering will be more attractive.

Face it, the days of 12GB data are long gone. Unless MyRepublic really comes through and offers you unlimited data, this is seemingly the best bet to secure more data.

You would have to be tied to the telco for two years. That's a lot of money to spend for the next 24 months. But if you factor in the fact that you are spending less to get the same amount of data compared to the three telcos' previous plans, it's still a cost-saving that you can't ignore.

And of all three, it's quite apparent that M1 now has the upper hand. If you're re-contracting or preparing to jump ship, you know where to go.