Singapore reacts to the SMRT breakdown through social media

You can always count on good old social media for breaking news

Where were you when Singapore came to a stall island-wide thanks to the SMRT breakdown?

Many of us were caught in the middle of it all, shuffling slowly out of train stations, stranded at bus stops. As Singapore heaved a collective sigh at a now familiar situation, the first thing everyone probably did was get the lowdown via Facebook, instead of a traditional news outlet. 

So here’s the story of The Night Singapore Screeched to a Halt, as told through social media, to get you through your unnecessarily extended commute home. Enjoy the classic Singaporean reactions, and get home soon.

We've saved the best for last

You can always count on the folks over at Xiaomi to display their social media prowess and react almost immediately to whatever situation at hand. And this time, it was no different. Well played again, Xiaomi Singapore.