Singapore Cover Girl Limaran: My love affair with the soon-to-be extinct Nike+ Fuelband SE

Watch what happens when a wannabe Stuff Cover Girl wears the same piece of tech for four months?
Singapore Cover Girl Limaran: Love affair with the Nike+ Fuelband SE

Before the sporting giant ditches its Fuelband, let me tell you about my love affair with mine. I got it last Christmas and I haven't taken it off since, unless it needs charging; its improved water resistance allows me to keep it on at all times - even in the shower!

First thing's first, I love how I can match the band with any outfit at all - casual, office or fitness. Being a fashionista, I've always struggled with the need to keep buying fancy accessories, but with the Nike+ Fuelband SE, I can easily style it with any outfit and still look good.

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The Basics

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The Fuelband SE requires an initial setup after you download the Nike+ Connect software for your computer. Once you've done this, you can easily set goals, motivational reminders and include all your necessary personal information. The software is solely based on the Fuel point system, which is Nike’s way of staying unique and encouraging users to increase their fuel points on a daily basis.

The band tracks my steps, informs me of how many fuel points I earn, how many calories I burn daily and reminds me to keep moving every hour, which can be adjusted accordingly. Of course, I wear it as a watch too.

Using it for workouts

I keep my training sessions within 45 minutes to an hour. At the end of the session, the Fuelband will also show me how many calories I burnt and how many fuel points I earned, be it from running or another intensive workout session in the gym.



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