Should you buy the Apple Watch?

If you’re still on the fence, these are the 5 most important questions you should ask yourself

The Apple Watch is avaible in Singapore starting today.

There’s obviously the decided group of iFans who will be lining up for first dibs, but there’s probably a bigger group of undecided iPhone owners who aren’t quite sure if they should take the plunge yet.

If you’re part of this fickle group, we’re here to help you make your mind up with these five decisive questions.

Do you need an extension of your iPhone?

That is essentially what the Apple Watch is right now, but that doesn't mean things won't change. Sure, you will be notified in a more convenient manner, but that means constant feedback from the Taptic Engine depending on the type of notifications you enable via the Watch app on your phone. The next update of the watchOS will probably be the one that will give your Watch a lot more freedom from your iPhone and more third party apps that will offer greater functionality on the Watch, but you'll have to wait and see because it's still so new.

What sets the Apple Watch apart from the crowd is probably the fact that it's Apple. Do you trust in the existing ecosystem to deliver a Watch experience that's equally as great as the iPhone one, even though there's still very little proof of it right now? 



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How serious are you about tracking your fitness?

This is not new, but Apple has done a good job of consolidating all the sensors that matter, to build a fitness tracking system that’s easy to comprehend. The element of gamification doesn’t hurt, too. It’s straightforward - just aim to complete the three rings every day and you’ll get little achievement trophies along the way - and keeps you on your feet. A tiny prominent tap-tap on your wrist will remind you to stand every hour just to kickstart that blood pumping through your veins.

If you’re a serious fitness freak, you’re probably better off with a specialised fitness tracker like the Jawbone Up3, although you can still achieve credible results with this given its built-in heart rate sensor and accelerometer. You’ll just need the right fitness apps to take the Watch farther.

Are you willing to invest in a first-gen product?

This is a completely new product, the first Apple has introduced since the iPad in 2010. There is going to be quite the learning curve with this - new gestures to be learnt, fresh ways of interacting with your information, and a brand new experience to be savoured.

However, are you willing to fork out for first-gen product, knowing that there will be improved versions coming along soon enough. Sure, watchOS 2 will make your Watch feel like new again when it drops, but is the current hardware on the Watch going to satisfy you in the future? If the answer is yes, then take the plunge and be an early adopter.

Is quality important to you?

The Apple Watch is a thing of beauty. Unless you’ve already managed to get a look at the Watch in person when you visited any of the first wave countries, you should probably pop down to a store to get a gander. If you think the Watch looks beautiful on your screen, you’ll be amazed at how good it feels in your hands.

We’ve got to say that the Apple Watch is one of the sexiest smartwatches out there (alongside the LG Watch Urbane in our humble opinion). Ladies will appreciate the 38mm one and extensive strap range that will wrap securely around even the daintiest of wrists. Take our advice, head down to either Nubox or EpiCentre and feel up the Apple Watch yourself. It deserves your touch.

Are you willing to pay?

The Apple Watch doesn’t come cheap, and there are existing platform-agnostic smartwatches in the market (like the Martian Notifier or the Pebble Time) that can do as much as the Watch at a more affordable price

The Watch Sport (silver/space grey aluminium case) will cost you S$518 for the 38mm and S$598 for the 42mm with the Sport Band, while the Watch (stainless steel case) starts from S$798 for the 38mm and S$878 for the 42mm, and that’s with the Sport Band. Buying the Watch with other straps will cost you even more.

We do feel like if you’re going to buy the Watch, you might as well go all the way and get a dressier strap alongside the basic Sport Band. It’s not cheap for sure, but heck, it’s all or nothing, right?