See the intense iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus love (or madness) in Singapore

If you’re not found in any of these photos, you’re one of the sane people in Singapore
Nice and orderly. Almost everyone in the queue was on some sort of Apple device.

Some sacrificed their sleep. Sweated it out in the crowd. All for one reason. Actually, two, depending on their preference.

This is the situation report of the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch in Singapore. Across the island, queues were formed overnight, campers prepared chairs and snacks to last through the night.

Getting the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus from the telcos isn’t as intense since SingTel, M1 and StarHub gave out advanced booking for iPhone collectors. There’s still the usual shebang from SingTel at Marina Bay Sands, and order was maintained at M1’s Paragon store and StarHub’s Plaza Singapura’s outlet.

Stuff was live at a few of the locations to bring you all the buzz, and to catch up with the first person (in each of the venues we visited) to purchase or pick-up their new, shiny units.

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7am, 19 September: SingTel’s firsts are buddies

Not only was Justin Chow able to go home with his brand new iPhone for his effor

Lines at SingTel started early, since it was handing out iPhones from 7am. Justin Chow, strategy consultant, was first in line since 5.45am. He’s always been an iPhone user, so jumping on to the new model was just a natural progression for him – Justin was picking up his pre-ordered 64GB Space Grey iPhone 6 device.

“I didn’t go for the 6 Plus model because I made a cardboard model using the dimensions to get a gauge of the fit and realised it was too big for me,” he said.

Second dibs

Second dibs

His friend, Jessica Koh, was second in line and getting the same iPhone 6 64GB Space Gray unit. She claims she’s also really interested in the Apple Watch and will get it when it comes out. Until then, she’s going to make do with her Pebble.

There's an Android infiltrator

There's an Android infiltrator

John Choi is queueing up for the second year to resell the phone. We spotted him in the queue as he was the only anomaly using Android devices (three of them!)