Say no to FOMO: This is the supermoon that Singaporeans didn’t get to see

Kindly brought to you by social media

Supermoon? More like si mi moon.

2016’s galactic phenomenon occurred last night. Due to the cloudy situation, no one got an eyeful of it, much less the opportunity to take a photo for gloating rights. However, early risers were supposedly treated to a glimpse of it so we guess there's something to that whole "the early bird catches the moon" phrase. 

If you snoozed, you lose. It's the biggest supermoon since 1948 and the next time it's going to get this close again will be in 2034. If that’s way too long for you, the good news is you can live vicariously through social media. Here’s the supermoon pictured all over the world, except Singapore.

Meanwhile in SG