Which Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ telco price plan makes the best sense?

Which plan gives the most bang for your buck? It all boils down to dollars and sense

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and the larger S8+ seek to be the brand's comeback devices.

The phones sport impressive specifications and a sleek new design that has got the Android world all hyped-up. Now that they're finally here in Singapore, we round up the telco plans to see which contract will give the best deal for your new Samsung S8 flagship.


If you’re going for a no-contract SIM-only plan with the big three telcos, you would have to pay S$1148 for the Galaxy S8 upfront and S$1298 for the Galaxy S8+. For the best value in no-contract plans, head over here to see who you should pledge your allegiance to - M1, StarHub, Singtel or Circles.Life?

Budget Plans

If you are a casual user and don’t use much data, talk-time or SMS, you would likely be subscribing to your telco’s budget plans. This gives you a minimal amount of data, 300MB to be exact, 100 minutes of talk-time and 500 SMS. In terms of data, talk-time and free SMS, all three major telcos give the exact same perks, but Starhub and Singtel’s plans are priced at S$27.90/month, where as M1’s is priced at S$0.10 more at S$28.00/month. Hence, they're all pretty much on par.

However, they do differ in their prices for the S8 and S8+. M1 Lite lets you purchase the S8 and S8+ at the cheapest upfront price of S$858 and S$988 respectively. But if you take a closer look, and take into account the total price of the phone and 24-months' worth of subscription fees, Starhub 4G 300M gives you the cheapest price of S$1528.60 for the S8, while Singtel Combo 1 gives you the best price for the S8+ at S$1658.60.