Samsung Galaxy S5 price and availability: where can you get it?

Update 02/04/14: pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S5 can be collected from 11 April
Samsung Galaxy S5 price and availability: where can you get it?

You’ve probably read our Samsung Galaxy S5 preview and hands-on review, and felt the itch to get one for yourself.

We’ll do you a favour and show you where to get the Galaxy S5 without breaking the piggy bank. Or your regular bank account, for that matter.

Update 02/04/14: Consumers who have registered their interest from the three telcos can collect the Galaxy S5 from 11 April, 11am onwards. Collection at the Samsung Experience Stores will start from 11 April, 11.11am, and the first 100 customers at either Paragon, VivoCity or Westgate outlets are entitled to a lucky draw for prizes that include a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom with LTE and more.


StarHub Samsung Galaxy S5
StarHub Samsung Galaxy S5

Registration of interest with StarHub for the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE starts on 28 March at noon. StarHub has confirmed that it’ll be announcing the subsidised prices for the Galaxy S5 and the accompanying price plans closer to the launch date. As far as we know, it won’t be happening this weekend.

Update 31/03/14: For the basic S$38 per month plan, which includes 800 free SMS, 100 minutes of local outgoing call and 2GB of local data, StarHub is pricing the Galaxy S5 at S$699, slightly higher than what SingTel is offering. But if you're a stickler for clear voice calls, StarHub is also offering its high definition (HD) voice call for all its plan. Plus, if you spend way too much time on the phone, its SmartSurf HD (except for SmartSurf HD value) packages give you unlimited outgoing calls and a higher subsidy for the Galaxy S5.


SingTel Samsung Galaxy S5

Registration of interest with SingTel for the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE starts at 28 March, noon.

For now, SingTel is the only telco to reveal subsidised prices for the Galaxy S5 when you sign up for a two-year plan. You'll be able to get it for S$688 with the Lite plan, which includes 100 minutes of local outgoing calls, 800 free SMS messages and 2GB of data.

Don’t be tempted by the lower S$398 or S$218 pricing that comes with the Value and Plus plans - unless you’re already on those or really need that much data and talktime, the cost of paying S$59.90 or S$99.90 per month just for a cheaper phone isn’t worth it in the long run.

Unless, of course, your company’s footing your monthly phone bill. In that case, go for the highest tier plan.


M1 Samsung Galaxy S5

Registration of interest with M1 for the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE starts on 28 March at noon. Don’t freak out if you see a 404 on the site. M1’s just preparing the online registration page, but you'd better act fast before registration closes.

Update 28/03/14: M1's website is now live, and indicates that pre-orders from the telco will also receive the freebies and discount available from the Samsung Experience Stores. 

Samsung Experience Stores

Samsung Experience Stores

Got S$50? Head to one of the Samsung Experience Stores, and place a deposit to ensure the Galaxy S5 is yours once it’s available.

So when can you collect the phone? We’ve tried to beat the information out of Samsung Singapore, but they’re not saying, even after torture. Word on the street, however, is that you should expect it on 11 April.

Nonetheless, if you’re set on getting the Galaxy S5, pre-ordering comes with a truckload of discounts and freebies. Collect the phones at the store, and you’ll get an extra battery kit and HDTV adapter worth S$126.

There’s also a S$50 discount for the Gear 2 and Gear Neo. Clumsy with your phone? You can get the S View Cover and Flip Wallet, priced at S$78 and S$58 respectively, at 20% off too.


Expansys Samsung Galaxy S5

Though the Samsung Galaxy S5 is priced at S$1068 without contract, you might get a slightly better price at resellers. Online retailer Expansys hasn’t listed the retail price, but keep a close watch on it and you might be in for a surprise.