PROMOTED: The Devialet Phantom is what all wireless speakers aspire to be

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating this powerful audio system

Skeptics will tell you that wireless speakers will never truly satisfy an audiophile.

Don’t listen to the naysayers. Instead, open your ears to the possibilities of a cordless aural experience that rivals even the best hi-fi system out there. And all you need is a single-unit speaker that fills the room with the most amazing sound. So good, it sounds like a tall tale.

World, meet the Devialet Phantom.

Hailing from France, the Devialet brand is no stranger to the audio industry. Known for its immensely powerful amplifiers, the company is out to prove that you don’t need a five-figure sum to create a powerful audio experience. That proof lies in Devialet’s wireless speaker which comes in two versions - the standard Phantom and a more powerful Phantom Silver version.

The secret behind this? It’s simpler than you think.

Sounds right, wherever you are

First, let’s talk about the Active Cospherical Engine (ACE) Loudspeaker, the very basis of the audio marvel delivered by the Devialet Phantom. Its spherical shape creates the perfect acoustic form factor, delivering a uniform audio experience, regardless of where you’re standing in the room.

And truly, it fills up the room with much ease. After all, the Devialet Phantom delivers a resounding volume up to 99dB, and even higher at 105dB for the Silver version. That’s 750W and 3000W of pure audio power being punched out by the standard and Silver editions respectively.

Now that’s what we call making a sound impression.

The meeting of analog and digital worlds

The Devialet Phantom, by itself, is an amplifier. Not just any amplifier, its Analog Digital Hybrid system has both analog and digital amplifiers running parallel. Think of it as a car with power steering, with the analog amplifier acting as the driver while the digital amplifier is the power steering adding that bit of ease on the physical load of steering the vehicle.

So let’s put all the big words aside. The only thing that matters is that you have a wireless speaker that does the job of high-end audio systems.

Hear, feel and see the bass

There’s bass. And there’s Heart Bass Implosion (HBI). Now, if you’re particular about a strong, impactful bass to whatever you hear, pay attention to the Devialet Phantom’s HBI. So powerful, you can literally see the sides of the Devialet Phantom pulsing with every beat.

And not a single vibration either, disrupting and distorting the clear lows, mids and highs from the speaker. Everything you hear, see and feel is straight from the dual hermetic woofers, delivering an ultra-dense sound as low as the edge of infrasound at 16Hz.

For the first time, you’ll not only hear sound. See it. Feel it. Embrace the deep throbbing of the Devialet Phantom’s bass delivery.

The right connections

The Devialet Phantom is equipped to work with almost every standard out there. Think of it as the multipurpose Swiss Army Knife for your audio needs.

Does your smartphone badly need a proper speaker? Bluetooth it with the Devialet Phantom. Got a library of songs on your tablet to play? Link up with the Devialet Phantom via the same Wi-Fi network. Not convinced your TV speakers deliver the true audio power of that blockbuster movie? Connect it to the Devialet Phantom’s optical port.

Whatever you fancy, the Phantom has that essential link to hook you up.

24 speakers are better

Two’s company, three’s a crowd. But with the Devialet Phantom, you’ll never get enough of it. Well, 24 is really the magic number here, because that’s how many Devialet Phantom speakers you can set up under the same audio network. Link each speaker to the Devialet Dialog, an intelligent hub that connects the dots either as a Duo mode stereo speaker setup or a multi-room experience.

The possibilities are endless. You just have to use a little imagination to see the potential of the audio network of the Devialet Phantom.

It’s (almost) self-aware

Hook the Devialet Phantom to the Internet and it’ll be ready to upgrade itself. No prompts, no cumbersome installation process. The speaker knows when it’s time to perform the upgrade, evolve its features based on the latest updates and betters itself for its owner. Oh, don’t worry, it’s not going to go Skynet on you. Though it might get you addicted to it for hours of music appreciation.