PROMOTED: Be a smartphone ninja with the Samsung GALAXY Note Edge 4G+

Updated with ninja video! Shurikens sold separately

Since ancient times, ninjas have relied on the most innovative tools to get the job done discreetly. Today, the Samsung GALAXY Note Edge 4G+ is the only weapon they need.

Why? Because this phablet is ahead of the curve, bringing a paradigm shift to the way you perform your tasks without attracting unwanted attention to yourself. How? With some mighty engineering feat by wrapping its insanely detailed Quad HD+ SUPER AMOLED display with a curved Edge.

Gimmicky? You know nothing, not until you’ve experienced the true capabilities of this cutting Edge phablet. Behold, the power of the Samsung GALAXY Note Edge 4G+.

The edge of tomorrow

You want to be a ninja? You'll need to prepare for battle and run your finger along the Edge of your weapon. No worries about cutting yourself, you're doing this on the Samsung GALAXY Note Edge 4G+ instead of an actual blade.

This is where all the action is. What was that about swiping down the notification menu and tapping the message? That’s just too old school. Think instant access to notifications. The WhatsApp message that just came in? Trace the Edge, tap the notification icon, and voila - you’re in. A speedy response that matches the stealthy swiftness of a true ninja.

The power of self-expression

You want to leave your mark on this world. And why shouldn’t this extend to your weapon, we mean, gadget? A low profile smartphone ninja craves not the attention and focuses on the subtlety of his art. Write a short note or upload an image along the display of the Samsung GALAXY Note Edge 4G+. Even when it’s sheathed by the inconspicuous cover, the Edge peeks out, showing the mark that leaves no doubt that this is your essential weapon in this modern world.

A glimpse into the future

There’s a ripple in the world, and you need to be updated with the latest news. A smartphone ninja armed with the Samsung GALAXY Note Edge 4G+ will be fully prepared for that.

You see, while you’re stuck in the meeting during your day job, you can still multitask and read the news streaming in via news apps such as Yahoo!, The Straits Times for Edge and Newsloop. Also, have you been slacking off on your ninja training? S Health will nag, we mean, provide a quick reminder of the steps and distance you’ll need to sneak in to keep yourself in tip-top condition for ninja missions.

The simplest tools are the most useful

Never underestimate the power of the simplest things in life. Not when you can swipe, tap and use them almost immediately. Folks live and die by these - like a ruler to know if you’re really getting a six inch or foot long sandwich. Or just to have a timer discreetly counting down to the end of your presentation. Even a quick swipe to activate that LED light that'll show the way when you’re crawling through a ventilation shaft. Only a true smartphone ninja will appreciate these features.