Pokémon Go - How to get 1.5 million XP a day with this secret pro trick

Level up faster at 32,700XP per hour with the Bubblestrat method

Many Pokemon Go players know that once you reach level 20, it becomes extremely difficult to level up further. But what if there was a way to quickly level up and increase your gym’s prestige at the same time, without cheating?

Discovered by @PEEFsmash and the team at Gamepress, the Bubblestrat method maxes out a gym to level 10 in less than 10 minutes and earns you more than 1 million XP in one day, without wasting precious potions and revives.

This works by exploiting the attack “Bubble”, which has a slow animation. Setting a specific 20 CP Pokémon with Bubble as the gym defender, you will use a certain attacking 10 CP Pokémon with a fast enough attack that defeats the defender without being hit, even once. With low CPs, the fight ends quickly, and you get the maximum 1000 Prestige and 100 XP for defeating a gym defender with a Pokemon that has half and below CP.

Confused? Here’s a step-by-step guide, along with what Pokemon you should be using:

Catch a 10CP Diglett

You’re going to need to catch a weak, 10 CP Diglett. Level it up once, it should stay at 10 CP (if it becomes 11 CP then its IVs are too high. What are IVs? See here). The Diglett should have either Scratch (4 DPS) or Mud Shot (5 DPS) if you’re lucky.

Get Bubble gym defender

You have several Bubble users to choose from and exploit its attack. While we’ve included the idea IV stats your Bubble-user should have, the best way to try Bubblestrat is to actually use them in a gym yourself.

a. Horsea

Horsea is the best choice, as nearly any Horsea caught can be used for Bubblestrat. The Horsea should be at least 20 CP, with a defence IV not 7 points higher than Diglett’s Attack IV.

b. Krabby

Krabby is a decent, but not perfect alternative to Horsea. You’ll need a Krabby that’s 20 CP, with its defence IV at least 2 points lower than Diglett’s Attack IV.

c. Poliwag

You can only pit Diglett against Poliwag if have a Diglett with Mud Shot, as Scratch doesn’t do enough DPS. The Poliwag needs 20 CP, with a Defence IV not higher than 8 points compared to Diglett’s Attack IV.