Pass the remote: The best TV shows to watch in April

Don't pick up a productive hobby just yet, great TV is coming

The land of TV series typically has two seasons - fall and spring.

The fall is full of tried and tested favourites, but that doesn’t mean spring is without its winners too. As you say a temporary goodbye to heavyweight hits like The Walking Dead, Empire, and Modern Family to name a few, you can feel a bit better knowing that a crop of great TV shows is moving in to take their places. So don't reliquish that you-shaped spot on the couch to the family cat just yet. 

The Girlfriend Experience S01 

This show has been attempted once before with Sasha Grey (don’t pretend like you’ve never heard of her), but this Starz take is a solidly dark look at what it might be like to be a social escort. Riley Keough plays Christine Reade, a law student who moonlights as a high-end escort and forces a different take on the ideas of love and lust, and the disconnect that comes with them.

Veep S05

While the real world of American politics hangs in the balance (Trump, anyone?), it's been in the doldrums for four whole seasons in fictional America. POTUS Julia Louis-Dreyfus attempts to lead America with the help of her hapless crew portrayed through some of the sharpest writing on TV and endearing personalities. 

You can count on Veep to make you feel better about the state of things, for however long each episode is. Hopefully, it never becomes reality. 

Silicon Valley S03

Enamoured with the idea of Silicon Valley? Well, this satirical series will just about ruin all of that.

Follow startup Pied Piper as they navigate the sands of Silicon Valley to success. Led by socially awkward programmer turned unicorn minder Richard Hendricks, the band of geeks must learn to manage the eccentricities of tech-celeb life.

If you follow the tech world closely, you'll enjoy the thinly-veiled references to real life tech companies.