The Oppo R11s and R11s Plus may just be the iPhone you thought you wanted

They’re cheaper, iOS-similar and just as snap-happy

We’ve noted just as little about the Oppo R11s and R11s Plus as we’ve heard a lot about the latest iPhones. Which is surprising, given the similarities between Oppo and Apple phones.

Not giving any points to Oppo for innovation here, of course, but you have to give it up for a brand that’s offering some of the joys of an iPhone to a market that might not be able to afford the real thing – we’re talking a clean, iOS-twinning interface and, in particular, a camera that works almost identically to the iPhone.

Just how similar is the latter between the two brands? We took the R11s and R11s Plus out for a spin with our own iPhone 8 Plus, and took snaps of the same scenes with the phones. Check out the unedited results below.

Oppo R11s/R11s Plus (left pics) vs iPhone 8 Plus (right pics)

Lighting and clarity on the Oppo devices were almost on par with the iPhone, and colours were bright and clear. 

Both the Oppo and Apple phones rendered hues that were quite true to life. If we had to nitpick, pictures on the R11s and R11s Plus had a very slight bluish tinge – but that actually made some images pop better.

The one area where the R11s and R11s Plus had a disadvantage was when it came to Portrait mode. Our iPhone 8 Plus produced greater depth of field and a far superior bokeh effect compared to the Oppo phones. That said though, it was easier to get the Oppo devices to focus on a Portrait subject than it was with our iPhone.