Opinion: It's 2017, can we stop whining about headphone jacks already?

There are plenty of smartphones who'll keep the 3.5mm jack, but question is will you want those phones enough?

When Google announced it was eschewing the 3.5mm audio jack with the new Pixel 2 smartphones, the angry responses were, to me, a little much.

You would have thought Google had burned down their houses, withheld their salaries or kidnapped their children. It's a jack. And let's face it, at this point there are so many smartphone brands and models to choose from, it seems pointless to care that (insert your favourite phone manufacturer here) would remove a port.

I can understand the grievance of not being able to plug your usual headphones straight into a jack. It's inconvenient but hardly the end of the world and as annoying as dongles can be, I can understand just why the 3.5mm jack has to go.

It doesn't make sense to me that people can so easily let the old micro-USB port go, adapt to using Type-C but get angry when they find out that one port now has to do double duty.

And the constant chestnut: "I can't listen to my headphones while charging my phone anymore!" Really? Seriously? You can't, for the life of you, put down that phone, let it juice up for 20 minutes (isn't fast charging great?) and then go back to listening? Having my phone connected to an active current while my head is attached to said phone seems, to me, an accident waiting to happen.


Like the mini-USB and micro-USB ports before it, the 3.5mm jack is reaching the end of its lifespan. It has had a long and wonderful lifespan and people, remember the days when all the smartphones used different proprietary audio jacks before someone finally decided to just add the 3.5mm jack to smartphones?

If we like the idea of combining functions in one device, why are we still so averse to combining ports? To be honest, I look forward to when wireless headphones will become even easier to charge, with longer battery lives, and be all around as ubiquitous and affordable as wired headphones.

There is no where for the audio jack to go - and not everyone wants to hook up a DAC just to make your better earphones sound decent with your smartphone.

I look forward to the day that whenever a brand announces it's dumping its headphone jack in its flagship that the response will just be an 'eh' or a casual shrug. RIP audio jack, may the world learn not to miss you.