The most important Apple Pay details you didn’t know about

Until now, that is

Newsflash - Apple Pay is now available for most Singaporeans.

And by most, we mean with the five major banks they’ve added to their payroll, that’s over 80% coverage in Singapore. What does that mean? It means there are a lot of credit and debit cards ready for your Apple Paying, and you probably own two or more of them.

By now, you would have read the news, and even our guide to setting it up. But these are details you should not gross over in your excitement to start paying from your wrist. 

Safe and sound

Most important thing is it’s super secure. Because you no longer have to hand your card over to the cashier, the experience is more private and there’s a lower risk of fraud since nobody is behind the counter noting down your credit card number. Apple also doesn’t have access to your transaction information, which means Tim Cook wouldn’t know about all the oranges you're purchasing. 

So rest assured that your card information is secure. And it’s only so because Apple makes both the hardware and software.

There's a S$100 limit on each transaction 

Depending on the store and how much you spend, you might be asked to sign a receipt or type in your PIN. As of right now, there is a S$100 cap on each transaction you make unless it's on a UOB terminal as the limits are tied to the terminals, and not the cards.

As of right now, UOB has lifted the cap on 2000 of its 10,000 point-of-sale terminals and they expect to do that for the rest of them by the end of 2017. By then, the only limit would be your credit limit. 

Hey, look on the bright side, you need boundaries now that it's so simple to spend. 

Pay independently with your Apple Watch

You can use your Apple Watch to pay even if you’ve left your iPhone behind since it uses NFC. You only need your iPhone for when you set up Apple Pay on your Apple Watch.

Imagine being able to leave the office without having to bring your iPhone or wallet along. Or if you want to buy a drink when you’re heading home from your run and don’t have your wallet on you. This must be the future.