Meet the Samsung superfans waiting in line to collect the Galaxy Note 7

The doors might only have opened at 11am, but that didn't stop people from queueing as early as 5.30am

If you were at Westgate this morning, it would have been hard for you to miss the snaking queue outside the Samsung Experience Store.

The occasion? It’s Galaxy Note 7 collection day for those who have placed their pre-orders. Although customers were only able to collect their phones from 11am, that didn’t stop the Samsung faithful from queuing up as early as 5am. That's dedication, folks. 

Well, the early bird gets the Note 7 colour of their choice, and that was plenty enough motivation to get people to wake up earlier than usual.

Steve Leong

First in line, queued since 5.25am

“I’m very excited about the Note 7. I was using the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 along with the Note 5, but the Note 7 has a better design than the latter. What I’m really looking forward to is its water resistance and its camera functions. Been waiting for this day since 10 August!”

Stan Goh

Second in line, queued since 6.20am

“My previous phone was the S7 Edge. Why upgrade so quickly? It’s a bigger phone. I used an iPhone until the 5s before switching over to a Note 2, as I found it more convenient without having to go through iTunes. The feature I’m most excited about is the one where you get to create short videos (Smart Select).”

Dean Loh

Third in line, queued since 8am

”This will be my fourth Android phone to date. I was using the iPhone 5 until I switched to the Galaxy S5 then to the Note 4, and lastly, the LG V10. Since the Note 4, I’ve missed using the S Pen. I never realised I used it so much until I started using the LG V10. I’m a web designer so I have to select text, copy and paste a lot on the go, and using the S Pen saves time.

I also signed up for Samsung Concierge, mainly because of the one-to-one exchange because s*** happens.”

Linda Lim

Queued since 9.15am

“I want to make sure I get the colour of my choice - Gold Platinum. It’s a gift for my husband who’s been using the Note 5. I’m glad that expandable storage has made a return to the Note 7. I also prefer sticking to the Note series because I’ve found the S Pen to be useful for writing notes when I don’t have a physical pen with me.”


Queued since 8.45am

“I’m getting two phones, one for my husband and one for myself. His S7 Edge was stolen so he’s getting the Black Onyx Note 7 now. As for myself, I’ve used the Note since the first and only missed the 5. This time around, I’m glad the Note 7 is water-resistant as I like to use my phone in the pool.”