Meet the bus you could be riding in in Singapore soon

Onboard Wi-Fi and USB ports? Yes, please

As part of a Walk Cycle Ride initiative, we got a look at the concept bus by British bus manufacturer Alexander Dennis that was on display, but could very well be plying your usual routes soon.

So how different is it from the current buses? Let us take you on a tour through the bus you could be sitting in. 


One thing that's immediately clear is that this double decker bus is a little odd-looking. That’s because it has an extra door at the back and another flight of stairs. The reason is obvious - to encourage the people who like to hog the front of the bus to move in.

No LTA public service announcement featuring Move-in Martin can beat an actual physical solution. 

The most important thing is that there are USB connectivity points at every seat. Every seat. There are two ports so you can plug in your smartphone charging cable and stream shows until you reach your home’s bus stop.

If you're thinking that the battery is willing but the data ration is weak, the company’s proposal of Wi-Fi onboard should make you very happy. That's subject to LTA approval, but if it goes through, long bus rides home will be forever changed for the better.