March on with Stuff Singapore

The March issue of Stuff is out today, so it's time to break out that S$6.90 you've been saving all month
Stuff Singapore March issue with Fay Hokulani

Four years and 50 issues later, Stuff Singapore's still going strong, and getting better all the time. The proof? Our very own cover story, completely done by our team here. 

None the worse for wear

None the worse for wear

You know what wearable tech does, but we bet you don't have the complete picture on how it can change the way you do things. Our feature follows the journeys of radio personality Bobby Tonelli, fitness blogger (and current Stuff cover model) Fay Hokulani, editor Melvin Tang, and writer Elissa Loi, as they each go in-depth on what it's like living with wearable technology. Just how practical is Google Glass in Singapore? Can a watch really coach and take you on a full workout? So many questions, and we've got all the answers. 

Leaving Las Vegas

CES Hot Stuff Awards 2014

Every January, we get a preview of what the tech world has to offer in the annual extravaganza that's the Consumer Electronics Show, leading to Vegas being invaded by sweaty nerds for a weekend. It's almost as if the tech world were placing bets on whether their products would be successful, with this year's hot pick being wearable tech, judging by the barrage on display. 

If you're looking for someone to go through the hundreds of products at the show and pick the top ten, we're afraid ain't nobody got time fo' that... except us. Check out our special CES Hot Stuff Awards 2014 to see what the best gadgets at the show were.

And one more thing

Well, many more, actually. As usual, we've got a plethora of tests to inform you on how to best spend your hard-earned money. This month sees full reviews of the curvy LG G Flex, spirited Focal Spirit Classic, all-electric BMW i3, and the devilishly fast Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG, amongst others. 

Talk about test-icular fortitude, right?