Made-in-Singapore: 12 Singaporean food apps to whet your appetite

Celebrate National Day with Singapore's favourite activity - food hunting
The Hunger Games: 12 Singaporean food apps to whet your appetite

Food hunting. The quintessential activity that makes you a true Singaporean. Unfortunately, with so many choices (#firstworldproblems), you have no clue how to proceed when it's time to decide the meal of the day.

We know your pain, and don’t want you to waste even a minute of that hour standing around arguing about food choices while the clock's ticking.

And since National Day is around the corner, you'll want to celebrate the occasion with friends and family. What better way to do that than gather around for the best food in town?

Here are 12 apps to help you make the all-important decision while you gaze at the pretty fireworks.

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The Hunger Games: 12 Singaporean food apps to whet your appetite

The sister app of OpenRice is bringing its different apps together in the form of a visual guide, allowing users to browse food in Asia. Create an account to share your eating journey, or browse others’ to determine where your next eat stop will be.

Best feature: The nine country-strong database spanning delicious countries like Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia amongst others.  

Good for: Well-travelled foodies, and visually stiumulating your appetite. Finally, you’ll be able to tag the place you were eating at even after you get home from holiday.

Download Opensnap for iOS or Android

8 Days Eat

The Hunger Games: 12 Singaporean food apps to whet your appetite

If the food section is your favourite bit of the weekly mag, you can now savour the best of their food advice in the form of reviews. Be a complete creeper and eat at your favourite local celebrities’ hangouts.

Best feature: Participating actively (writing reviews, checking in, etc) here earns you points, which you can then use to redeem dining deals. So don’t be a sleeper.

Good for: 8 Days groupies, although the app drew flak in its early days for looking too much like Burpple. Come on, it’s the content that counts.

Download 8 Days Eat for iOS or Android 


The Hunger Games: 12 Singaporean food apps to whet your appetite

Swamped with work? Don’t worry, you don’t have to dine at the limited options around your workplace. Tap your postal code into this app and it’ll draw up a list of choices which will deliver to your area. Browse menus in-app, make your choice and payment, and your stomach’s desire will be on its way to you.

Best feature: Comprehensive bill. No hidden charge-shockers when your food arrives at your doorstep.

Good for: Workaholics who can’t even find the time to leave the office. Don’t worry, good food can still come to you.

Download Foodpanda for iOS or Android


The Hunger Games: 12 Singaporean food apps to whet your appetite

As its name suggests, this app serves the pickiest of eaters in the most beautiful of ways. Swipe through the categories to see what suits your food mood, or go through the conventional way of searching by type if you already know what you want. As you rate more restaurants, the app learns your preferences and suggests new ones.

Best feature: Its designs and categories. Kind of reminds us of Spotify for food. Also the category Random Pick. Yes, we’re that indecisive.

Good for: People who vaguely know what they want. Luckily for you, Picky already has different lists for every mood to narrow it down for you.

Download Picky for iOS or Android


The Hunger Games: 12 Singaporean food apps to whet your appetite

Burpple isn’t just a community of food-minded people, it also runs a blog highlighting the best in the culinary scene. Just think of it as Instagram for foodies. Now, you’ll never be judged for your food shots again.

Best feature: Visually appetising. Who’s going to spend time reading words when a picture says a thousand of them at one glance?

Good for: People who can’t start eating without taking a picture of their food, you’ll find acceptance here.

Download Burpple for iOSAndroid or Windows Phone

Where to Eat

The Hunger Games: 12 Singaporean food apps to whet your appetite

A simple app for those who just want to seek out the nearest stop to eat. Not the best at navigation? You won’t have to open a separate app to get directions, this offers turn-by-turn directions to your chosen haunt. It may not be the best-looking app out there, but it does the trick.

Best feature: The shake to suggest feature. We’ll leave it to the gods to decide where we’ll end up grazing today.

Good for: Famished people who just want to grab a quick and convenient meal. It shouldn’t have to be that complicated.

Download Where to Eat for iOS or Android


The Hunger Games: 12 Singaporean food apps to whet your appetite

There’s an app for everything, including making reservations. Never worry about not getting a seat, or having to search for the contact number of the new joint you’ve been wanting to suss out. Find your restaurant in the app, and book your table directly.

Best feature: The helpful menus in-app, so you can browse before you book.

Good for: Busy bees. Score your table in three simple clicks, and receive instant confirmation. No fuss, no muss.

Download Chope for iOS or Android


The Hunger Games: 12 Singaporean food apps to whet your appetite

The app has more than 18,500 registered users who contribute scores of reviews to help you make better food choices. Make your lunchtime choice by cuisine, location, and even budget. Or should you feel like cooking, there are plenty of recipes on site for you to experiment with too.

Best feature: Aside from the usual factors like taste and value for money, the reviews also rates decor, service, and hygiene.

Good for: The super fussy who like to play it safe. If it's detail you're after, this app's got all the bases covered. 

Download OpenRice for iOS or Android


The Hunger Games: 12 Singaporean food apps to whet your appetite

If the Straits Times is your food bible, this app is a more convenient mobile version of loose pages. It combines food delivery, restaurant reservations, and trusted food reviews by the paper’s in-house food critics into one handy app. Also, there’s a reward system for those who like to treat life like a game.

Best feature: It’s everything the food-obsessed needs. With recipes for dining in as well.

Good for: People who live to eat. Aside from the requisite, there's also food news for you to start planning your next meal.

Download SoShiok for iOSAndroid or Windows Phone 


What’s the worst thing that can possibly happen when you’ve finally decided on what to eat? Turning up just to find it fully loaded with a snaking line. Ticktok helps you make smarter lunchtime decisions by giving you queue information, as well as telling you the places worth queuing at.

Best feature: Refresh to see real time queue information. Sharing is also rewarding in this case as you rank up when you rate queues to earn access to food review sessions.

Good for: People who have no time to waste, which essentially means all of us. We’d like to spend our lunch hour actually dining, not waiting in line.

Download Ticktok for iOS

Foodprint - Singapore

The Hunger Games: 12 Singaporean food apps to whet your appetite

This is the app to recommend your foreign friend to download. Browse the best of what Singapore’s food scene has to offer without needing to chalk up any roaming charges. Expect the usual reviews and ratings.

Best feature: The listing of nearby MRT stations. This app keeps it real and acknowledges that most of us get around by public transport.

Good for: People new to Singapore. Succinct information at your fingertips without even needing to go online

Download Foodprint - Singapore for iOS or Android