M1 vs StarHub vs Singtel vs Circles.Life - the cheapest mobile plan that won’t bind you for two years

Which should you pledge your loyalty to?

These days, it’s hard to justify why you should sign up for a two-year plan to get a phone. Especially when it reduces your data bundle to a mere few GB from the good old days of 12GB data.

Then, there’s this question: why would you need a subsidy for a phone that’s insanely cheap? The slew of affordable options are armed with hardware that almost equals flagship devices that cost nearly, or perhaps more than S$1000.

Signing up for a two-year contract would probably shave off a few hundred bucks, and you’ll end up with the same price (around S$600 or even less) yet pay a lot more per month to the telco for two years.

See where we’re getting at? You’re effectively paying less to get more. Now that we’ve got your attention, here’s the juiciest part - of all the non-contract mobile plans, which one gives you bang for buck?

Text by Seow Tein Hee and Christopher Parwani

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