M1 vs Singtel vs StarHub: Which offers the most affordable data in their two year plans?

If you are looking to renew your mobile phone contract, here's which telco you should go to for the best data value

While SIM-only plans are all the rage nowadays, biannual contract plans offer significant discounts on the latest mobile phones, especially high-end smartphones like the iPhone 7 and Samsung S7. 

We break the numbers down for you so you don't have to. 

M1 | StarHub | Singtel | Conclusion

M1 Breakdown

M1’s plans start from S$28/month and up to S$228/month without any add-ons. These plans are the most affordable out of all three telcos if you compare the plans from StarHub and M1 that are of the same tier.

If you choose to increase your data bundle, you can do so for a mere S$5.90/month. This almost doubles your mobile data, by a minimum of 2GB for the Lite+ plan, which gives you 5GB of data at S$49.70/month and up to 12GB for the Max+ plan, which totals up to 25GB for S$233.70/month.

In comparison, StarHub allows you to increase your mobile data by 3GB no matter what plan you are on for S$6/month and Singtel allows you to double and triple your data for S$5.90/month and S$9.90/month respectively.

For your 3GB data plans, known as Lite+ for M1 and 4G3 for StarHub, StarHub will give you a better deal at S$8.15/GB (M1 charges S$9.58/GB). However, for all plans above the 3GB tier, M1 will give you a better deal.

Additional Charges:

· S$10.70 per GB of data exceeded

· 5.35 cents per SMS exceeded

· 16.05 cents per minute exceeded