Living with the Jawbone UP3

14 days later, we’re getting somewhere, but our journey isn’t over just yet

Week two. It feels like an eternity since we’ve started living with the Jawbone UP3.

But those 14 days gave us better sleeping hours and forced us to make a conscious effort to eat healthy.

As for tangible results? We’re nowhere near our target after a week and that’s no surprise. After all, the Jawbone UP app did estimate it’ll take us 22 weeks to even hit our weight loss goal.

So as we move into the second week with the Jawbone UP3, we learn a bit more about how fitness tracking works for us. But more importantly, how we need to work for the fitness tracker.

Day 8: the science of eating healthy

You are what you eat. Somewhat true, given that we’ve made a conscious effort to go for healthier food. And by that, we meant fish and noodles.

We’ve got to admit - seeing less calories clocked makes us feel good, as though we’re in control of our lives. After all, the less calories we consume, the less we need to burn to maintain our daily goal. But again, this isn’t just about meeting our targets. Targets are meant to be broken.

As long as we don’t break our backs doing it.

Day 9: the nagging guilt

We know, we were supposed to hit our steps goal. Guess that didn’t work out.

And yes, the nagging has begun. Sort of, it’s more of a gentle reminder to step out, do more and shake up our daily routine.

We kind of sniggered at that little note about “tired bodies fall fast asleep”. We definitely have no problems with that, clocking our sleeping goal easily.

Nine days with the UP3 have highlighted something that we’ve constantly repeated - self-discipline. Or the lack of it in our case. While the app serves up timely reminders and well-meaning advice, we’ve been ignoring it.

We promise, no more.

Day 11: muscle memory (of pain)

Our muscles doth protest. As they rightly should, given the three hours we’ve spent on the trail leading up to MacRitchie TreeTop walk.

And boy, did we almost flip out when we realised we forgot to clock an activity in the app. Fortunately, the UP3 was acutely aware that we were struggling to hike up the slopes. Just like how it guesses if you were asleep, the fitness band is also quite aware of your movements.

And it was definitely spot-on - the hike up and down were separated, mainly because of that long 30 minutes break while we were queuing to cross the TreeTop Walk. The sweat, screaming muscles and thirst. Everything amounted to a burn of…

1443 calories. Gee, you would think that number would be a lot higher.

Guess that just means we need to watch what we eat.

Day 14: hail hydration

Four hours. That’s how much sleep we’ve managed to catch, and it really did a number on us.

For starters, our resting heart rate went past 100. Anything in the three-figure realm tends to set off alarm bells for us. That probably explains why we’re dealing with a pounding headache.

It got us thinking - it’s not just the lack of sleep. Our body, mainly the heart, is also struggling to keep everything working to a clockwork precision. Of course, the first thought would be to sleep it off. If only we could.

That said, the Jawbone UP did the next best thing - reminding us to hydrate ourselves thoroughly. Even better, it challenged us to actually drink eight glasses to get back into (healthy) zone.

Only seven more to go. Gulp.