LiveMap's helmet is Google Glass for bikers

Russian company LiveMap is putting Google Glass-style sat-nav on the inside of your motorcycle helmet
LiveMaps helmet


Frustrated by the difficulties of using a sat-nav on a motorcycle, Russian company LiveMap has taken to crowdfunding site Indiegogo to recruit backers for its helmet with a Google Glass-style display on the inside of its visor.

LiveMap's prototype nut-case is slightly larger than normal to allow room for the display tech, electronics and battery to fit inside, leading to a flatter top profile.

While having a display on the inside of your helmet might sound futuristic, in reality the system merely beams all the usual information you'd expect on your average TomTom and in fact lacks common extras such as Bluetooth capabilities for hands-free calling (though that is listed among their stretch goals).

That being said, the hope is that by having the information front and centre, it will make navigation clearer and safer. Voice control means there's no button-pressing required either – especially useful on a motorbike. 

It's Android-based, though the company is locking it down with their own skin so it won't run third-party apps. Trying to play Bejewelled via voice control or watching Game of Thrones on the expressway could be a little distracting, we suppose.

Power is provided by two 3000mAh batteries which the company says are good for a whole day's use. This is especially important as it operates independently of your smartphone, using its own power for battery-draining GPS duties.

A digital compass and gyroscope performs rudimentary head tracking to keep navigation overlays lined up so turning your head won't send you down a wrong turn.

Early backers can get one for US$1,500, with a projected delivery date of August 2014 (if the project makes it to the US$150,000 goal). Though when you can buy a reasonable motorbike helmet for $200 most bikers will take some persuading – it only has one taker so far.