Life after death: 9 unique ways you can immortalise yourself

From becoming a tree to turning into a tattoo, who says death has to be the end?

Here’s a fun fact: we are all going to die, and we’ll end up being dead for far, far longer than we were alive. So there’s really no harm making plans for the afterlife. After all, with all the post-mortem options available to the modern man, getting flambe’d and stuck in a tin can on a shelf is just dead boring.

Nowadays, we burn our dead, to save land space for condominiums and shopping centres. But in all honesty, “ashes to ashes” is so passe and plebeian. Where’s the personality? If you’ve lived an interesting life, surely you wouldn’t want to be reduced to a nondescript pile of dust to be kept on a shelf somewhere for eternity. You want your corpse to be treated in a manner befitting the awesome life you’ve led, and thanks to modern technology, it seems that anything is possible. Here are 10 things to immortalise yourself.