#KeepFMFAAlive this weekend

No FMFA, no big deal; the rave must still go on

You must have heard the news by now - Future Music Festival Asia has been unceremoniously scrapped a week before it’s supposed to happen.

Despite efforts by the organisers to #KeepFMFAAlive, the official word on the street is that it’s a no-go. When you're done having a go at the powers that be, turn that frown upside down and start making plans for an epic replacement weekend.

No overpriced alcohol, no pushy crowd, no crazy toilet queues, no waiting an eternity for a cab, and a playlist you’re completely in control of. While it’s not perfect, it’s still perfectly viable. When life hands you festival cancellations, you can either mope or create your own home festival.

A sound set-up

While nothing can compare to the light and sound spectacle that’s every electronic dance music festival, you can get as close as possible to the live experience with these.

Go budget with the X-mini Kai 2 speakers (S$80) or go big with the Sonos Playbar (S$1300). The former is light and portable enough for you to take the party anywhere with you, while the latter packs an atmospheric punch in the aural department and connects directly to Spotify for utmost ease in rave.

All you need now are friends, glow sticks, and very understanding neighbours.

Hit me

Spotify is your best friend, you’ll never be alone again. Whether it's a remix you're after or the original edit, you'll find practically every artist in the line-up on the music-streaming site. To make it an even more authentic experience, you could always go with the live versions of the tracks.

Alt clubs

When the alcohol runs dry and your friends are still high (on life), you might want to take the party elsewhere to keep the neighbours from calling the cops on you.

We love Kyo and Canvas for their more intimate settings and alternative playlists, but this also means they get packed real fast. Should you want to visit a true local icon, Zouk’s where it’s at. Given their footing in the local club scene, we wouldn’t be surprised if they get one or more of the DJs on the FMFA list to play their space instead.

If you’re more of an outdoorsy raver, we recommend Tanjong Beach Club on Sentosa for fun under the stars and a lot more breathing space.