Insert foot in mouth - 7 other inappropriate tweets to rival KLM’s World Cup boo-boo

These are why you should think first, tweet later
Insert foot in mouth - 7 other inappropriate tweets to rival KLM’s World Cup boo

The Dutch airline has come under fire for their racially insensitive tweet after the Mexico vs Netherlands World Cup match that went down.

The offending tweet has since been removed from their account, but not before inccuring the wrath of the Twitter public. 

To mark the occasion, we round up the rogue tweets that have made their way onto the Internet and tested the fortitude of many companies’ public relations department. Enjoy the second-degree embarrassment. 


There's no better way to rile up the wrath of thousands when national pride is at stake. And in the Netherlands vs Mexico match that happened on Sunday, that saw Mexico exiting the World Cup, for some reason, KLM felt the above message was appropriate for the occasion. It might have been barely tolerated at other times, but when you kick someone when he's down, you're going to get hurt real bad.

Especially if you're an international airline serving the people you just subtly dissed. 

Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole

When has it ever been appropriate to parallel a fashion collection with one of the biggest political events in the world? You're right. Never.

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The cooking site thought what people needed after the Boston Marathon bombing was a batch of freshly-baked whole-grain cranberry scones to make it all alright. The ensuing rage taught them they've never been so wrong.

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Chrysler Autos

Chrysler Autos

Dissing your customers is not going to get you any new business. Someone needs to rethink business strategy (and also a new media management hire).

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