In loving memory of the 12 best arcade games we've ever played

They sure don't make them like these anymore

Arcade machines are only hip now the way that typewriters are cool - they don’t get made that much anymore, and the people who love them are either bitterly old or deluded youths who are trying too hard to be different.

Back before everyone did everything - including gaming - on their mobile device, people of all ages ended up at the arcade. 80’s and 90’s kids will probably remember arcades the best, with gaming technology improving at breakneck speed, constantly innovating the audiovisuals and physical inputs available to gamers.

But somewhere along the line consoles and PCs took over gaming, and going to the arcade was just something you did sulking while your parents went shopping for groceries in the shopping center, after being forcefully yanked away from network gaming with your friends at LAN or online (damn those modem speeds).

So as arcades, like dinosaurs and CD music stores, head down that murky darkness into extinction, let’s look back at the awesome arcade games that shaped at least two generations.